Weight Loss Means Better Sex?

weight loss and sex

Does weight loss really mean better sex? What most people still cannot understand is that, gaining weight reduces the activity levels of your heart and the entire circulatory system. This includes the heart, a very important organ of the body responsible for the pumping of blood. When there are defects in your circulatory system, chances are that you will have a reduced physical activity. 

Weight Loss = Better Sex

Sex is a bodily activity, which needs as much vitality as the gym. This translates that, if you lose weight then you increase the activities of your circulatory system. The results, better sex, and a good life! By decreasing the amount of fat droplets in your vessels, you will achieve better blood to even to the penile region, enhancing your erections.

Besides the actual physical energy needed for better sex, various researches have revealed that obese men have decreased levels of the ‘manly hormone’ testosterone. A research from University of Buffalo revealed that weight gaining decreases this hormone in men, having the all-negative effects on a man’s sex drive and life.

Testosterone is responsible for various activities in the male reproductive system, including libido levels and semen production. Poor erection or even erectile dysfunctions follow a diminution of this hormone in men.

While the actual physiological sex activities can be enhanced by losing weight in men, it has little effect on the woman though. Even so, it helps to lose weight for women because you need to look good for him and yourself. If you have fatty deposits that you are ashamed to show, then this will affect your sex drive and activities.

This is simple psychology, and with you being uncomfortable during sex, then you will not enjoy it after all. Getting the curvy body makes you feel sexual and comfortable, and this is basically the essence of good sex. Physical activities and good diets can help to lose weight.

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