Vibrators for Women; What Type Should You Buy?

vibrator for womenMost people associate the term “vibrators for women” with the classic slimline type. But there are many other shapes, sizes, textures and colors than the standard slimline vibe. Traditional women’s vibrators include the classic slimline type. These are designed for external clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal penetration.

This is the design that most people think of when the term vibrator is used. These are usually battery operated and have multi-speed vibrations. Some are designed for water-proof use in the tub or shower.

The truth is that most women do not experience orgasm from traditional sexual activity. The most sensitive parts of a woman’s erogenous area are found outside of the vagina (except the g-spot). Vibrators for women are an excellent and fun way to help female experience sexual arousal and orgasm. Vibrators (aka Vibe) prices range from $US5 to over $US100 (and up!), and even stores like Walmart and Target are selling these devices as part of their line of sexual wellness!

Vibrators for women are among the oldest of all “electric” appliances made in the late 19th century (around 1880). First invented was the sewing machine, then the electric fan, next the toaster and finally the vibrator. Invented by British physician, Dr. Joseph Granville to treat “female hysteria” and relieve his hands from doing manual manipulation of the clitoris. And the women of the world are very thankful for his tired fingers.

Modern vibrators for women are made from a variety of materials from hard plastic to silicone (which feels satin smooth) and a more realistic feeling soft jelly rubber. The newest health trend is to only use phthalate-free vibes – which means be careful when selecting a jelly vibe. Phthalate is a chemical added to plastics to make it more pliable and bendable.

Types of Vibrators for Women

Realistic Vibrator

Realistic Vibrators

Realistic vibrators come in many sizes, colors and shapes – some are much more realistic than others. The one thing they all have in common is that they are generally shaped like a penis and have multiple stimulating speeds. Though they can be used for clitoral stimulation, the main purpose is for vaginal penetration.

Rabbit VibratorRabbit Vibrators

Rabbit / dual action vibes are considered premium sex toys made popular from being mentioned on the TV show “Sex and the City”. These dual action toys stimulate vaginally and clitorally at the same time. Some models include a shaft that twirls and tumbling balls to stimulate a woman’s g-spot.

Pocket Rocket VibePocket Rocket Vibes

Pocket Rockets and Small Vibes are designed for discreet use and usually only for clitoral stimulation. These include an ultra-powerful motor with minimum noise. They are small enough to fit discreetly in a woman’s purse. Some are even designed to look like lipstick, so no one would notice it in the purse among all the other cosmetics.

G-spot VibeG-spot Vibes

G-spot vibes are designed with a special curve to help locate and stimulate the super sensitive female g-spot to provide much more satisfying orgasms than clitoral stimulation alone. Phallus-like shape, it first appeared as a response to complaints that the vaginal penetration alone -provided by the penis or otherwise- was generally not enough for some women to reach orgasm.

Wand VibratorWand Vibrators

Wand vibrators continue to be among the most popular massager vibrator models available. These are usually not battery operated, but instead plug into the wall for power – which means they provide a maximum intensity and won’t lose power right when you’re nearing a climax. Sometimes these can be a little more noisy than other models. They can also be used as a normal muscle massager as well.

Eggs & Bullets VibratorClitoral Stimulators: Eggs & Bullets

Clitoral stimulators are specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris. These vibes can be found as special attachments to fit on a finger, or as “eggs” or “bullets”. They are among the smallest of the personal vibes for women. Among the best sellers of the clitoral stimulators is the vibrating finger massager.

Anal VibeAnal Vibes

Anal vibrators are designed with a wider or flared base for safe anal play. Many people are uncomfortable with this taboo concept. But those women who have tried and enjoyed it, often find they return to it again when they need a little extra stimulation and something different.

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