Can I Get Transmitted Diseases from Oral Sex?

Transmitted Diseases from Oral Sex

So what is safe oral sex exactly? Isn’t oral sex supposed to be completely safe in the first place? How can I get transmitted diseases from oral sex? Unprotected oral sex is safer than unprotected vaginal and anal sex, but it comes with its own set of risks to sexual health. Oral sex offers plenty of transmission vectors to a host of STDs and protection during oral sex is something that you need to consider seriously. 

Transmitted Diseases from Oral Sex

Let’s get the big one out of the way. HIV. It’s rare for HIV to be transmitted orally. It’s not unheard of, though. If the receiving partner is infected and the giving partner has mouth sores or has another STD, the potential for transmission exists.

Then there’s gonorrhea, an STD that can leave a throat infection behind that’s incredibly resistant to treatment with antibiotics. That’s a condition which’s going to give you serious misery for a long time. Syphilis is also readily transmissible through oral sex. Then there’s herpes. While some believe that you can’t get genital herpes during oral sex or oral herpes during vaginal or anal sex, that’s incorrect. Either variant of the virus can be spread during sexual contact.

Transmission is easiest when one or both partners has oral sores, broken skin around the mouth, or any laceration of oral tissue, even tiny cuts that come from flossing. The best rule of thumb to follow is that if there’s any broken skin on the genitals or mouth of you or your partner, save oral sex for another day.

Protection from STDs is simple enough. You can purchase dental dams at most pharmacies now or if that doesn’t work for you, use a flavored condom. You still get most of the sensation and with flavored condoms, nasty aftertaste isn’t an issue.

While oral sex is still safer sex than vaginal and anal sex, it’s still important to take your sexual health seriously. Practice safe oral sex consistently. There’s a world of sexual thrills to be had and we want you safe and healthy so that you can enjoy them all.

Cancer from Oral Sex

Cancer from Oral Sex

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