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Fetishes Guide

You may be asking, “What are fetishes?” Or, “What are the most popular fetishes?” You don’t want to go into a fling and have someone bring up a term you don’t know! While it’s always fun to try something new, it’s not fun to look unexperienced or stupid! You also want to make sure that if you are not into this sort of thing, that you don’t get involved with somebody who IS into it! 

Why? People who have a fetish can only get aroused by that fetish! Fetishes are something such as an object, or body part, that you need in order to get off to! So, if you are with somebody who has a fetish for say, high heels, but you hate wearing them, then you have a problem!

If you do have a fetish, make sure you find others who are into what you are, and not turn off somebody who is not willing to play along! If your fetish interferes with you non-sexual life, then obviously, that is not good. Make sure you work that out with a professional, or it will really ruin your sex life too if you lose your job over this!

Some of the most popular (and I think the most fun!) fetishes are:

Voyeurism/ Exhibitionism

Voyeurism - Fetishes GuideThis one is actually a lot of fun, as long as you don’t do anything illegal. (please only do this with legal, consenting adults!) A voyeur is somebody who likes to watch sexual acts (who doesn’t?!) and an exhibitionist is one who loves to show off.

How do you keep this legal? Well, this is why there are so many adult web cam sites, and people buying web cams. In fact, web cams are some of the best and safest ways to satisfy this fetish.

I would recommend you go with a real, professional cam girl over ones you find in chat rooms or dating sites. Some people may have a fetish for amateur cammers, but the professionals really are best!

First of all, they are above average in looks…and if you are watching, don’t you want somebody as attractive as you can get?

Second, they aren’t shy! There is NOTHING more frustrating then waiting and waiting for someone to do something good on cam! They also know what to do and have heard it all, so you don’t need to be embarrassed! It’s very awkward having an amateur cam girl try to figure out how to do what you ask!

They also have better quality cams, sound, and lighting. If you are not happy with the show, many sites will give you a refund if you don’t do it too many times! Yes, you have to pay for it, but it’s usually cheaper then dinner and a movie, and it’s the safest sex of all!

Voyeurism/Exhibitionism with a partner in real life can be fun also because the thrill of watching somebody else having sex is not only a sure fire way to get you turned on, you may also learn some new things! This is one step closer to swinging and threesomes, but it doesn’t always have to turn in to that.


Shoe - Fetishes GuideThis one should be a no-brainer. I think we all know that some men have a fetish for women’s feet. This is one of the most common fetishes to have. Hands are lesser known, and it seems like women really enjoy sucking on men’s hands!

I know I love to give a good hand massage, and a good foot massage can almost be orgasmic. There is something about fishnets and high heels that just makes you want to have sex! Make sure you keep both looking good at all times if you want to get laid!

Genital Piercing, and Piercing in General

Genital Piercing - Fetishes Guide

If you are in the 35+ crowd you may not be aware of the pleasures this can bring. Genital piercing can increase sensitivity and pleasure for both parties. Tongue rings can also give added stimulation to oral sex.
Just make sure you keep your piercings clean and go to a very reputable piercer to avoid problems! If you are curious about people who have done this, Tribalectic is a site that gives real people’s experiences with genital piercing.

You won’t get a lot of people to discuss this with you in person unless you are going to sleep with that person, because part of the fun of a genital piercing is knowing that you have one under your regular clothes. Having that secret is a turn on, especially if you come across as conservative or have a job that does not allow you to express your inner freak!

Silk, Satin, Leather, Latex

Latex - Fetishes GuideMaterials, materials! Dressing up can be a lot of fun, especially if you live near a good sex store like Lovers Lane! Who doesn’t love the feel of satin or silk? If you are feeling particularly naughty and bold, then leather and latex can really add a new look and some excitement!

If things are starting to get a little stale with your current booty call, don’t ditch them-try a new look in one of these materials, and see if it doesn’t spice things up! And ladies, just about any guy who is already attracted to your body type, can’t resist you in something tight and shiny!

This is also similar to role playing, which is basically dressing up and playing a character- naughty teacher, sexy doctor, etc. These can be hours of fun, especially if you only want ONE booty call and not sleep around.
Just because you are in a casual relationship, doesn’t mean you have to sleep with multiple partners. Yes, you generally are allowed to as long as you both are honest about it, but it doesn’t have to be the case if you want to just sleep with one person! And these two fetishes are sure to help you satisfy any desire to stray!


Domination - Fetishes GuideMuch like role playing, this fetish allows you to play a very fun part! A lot of times gender roles are switched-men are submissive, and women are dominant. I have found SO many guys who secretly want a woman to be dominant! They love having the pressure of them to perform, and just relaxing while the woman takes control.

I know I love it when a man is submissive-but only in the bedroom! Don’t get me wrong, I love it when a man takes charge in the bedroom, but there are times I just want to boss him around do things MY way!

There are fetishes for just about everything, but these are by far the most common and the ones you are most likely to run in to. If you meet somebody on a regular dating site or sex site, a good ice breaker is to ask if they have any fetishes!

Just be careful-don’t ask if you aren’t ready to be open minded about it! If you know what your fetishes already are and you want to find somebody into it also, you want to go to a adult dating site and you will be more likely to have success finding someone who shares you fetish.

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