Tips on Adding More Excitement to the Bedroom

Adding-More-Excitement-to-the-BedroomIt’s understandable that if you and your partner have been together for a long time, you may want to introduce new things into the bedroom to help add a little more excitement.

Before you do consider this, it’s worth sitting down and discussing it together as you don’t want to cause any self-esteem problems. 

There are a number of things you could do to increase the excitement to the bedroom, such as;

Change the atmosphere

It’s very common that sexual intercourse can become a little too much like a routine; therefore the easiest thing to do would be to change the routine.

Why not turn the lights off and light a few candles, you could even put rose petals on the bed. You could look at creating an entire evening, have a nice romantic meal, and play some nice romantic music and then go up to the bedroom.

Get a sex based board game

There are a lot of fun games available that could add an extra spark to the relationship and add more excitement to the bedroom. Many of these involve cards with instructions on tasks that you need to do to each other. These can be great fun and can really get you and your partner closer and perhaps break down some barriers of things that you may have previously been embarrassed about.

More Excitement to the Bedroom: Get a sex toy such as a vibrator

Typically most people think that using a vibrator is a solo activity, but it doesn’t have to be. Your partner could either watch you use the toy which could arouse them or even allow them to use the vibrator on you.
Get some sexy lingerie

There are lots of different types of lingerie that could be used to add more excitement to the bedroom. This could include corsets, body stockings, crotch less lingerie or even fantasy costumes!

These are just a couple of examples; why not give them a go!

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