The Injaculation, Orgasms without Ejaculation


The injaculation also known as orgasms without ejaculation, is a technique that is based on ejaculate internally rather than externally or through the penis. The cut injaculation not orgasm but stop the flow of semen preventing this outward flow during orgasm. Injaculation technique has been used for thousands of years by those who practice Tantra and Taoism. It is one of the practices of Chi Kung in which we learn to control your breathing and energy flowing through our bodies.

What is injaculation?

One of the foundations of Taoism is the health, quality of life and longevity. According to ancient studies, management of internal energy is essential for healthy living. When a man is able to control your ejaculation and energy management agency and get a constitution more resistant to external threats and internal balance that extends the life considerably.

The Taoists say that the actual age and physical age do not go together with each other, a man may appear to be age 50 and actually be 70 as the reverse is true. The physical wear varies greatly from person to person and the lifestyle of each, is what makes the difference between them.

Better and longer orgasms. The biggest problem with orgasm is that only lasts a few seconds, the average is 7. What if we could have orgasms for minutes or even hours? This is called state of “ecstasy” and injaculation obtained by combining the techniques of conscious breathing. Those who practice it, say they experience states of connection with divinity.

Contraceptive method. This technique was practiced as a contraceptive method in ancient Taoist civilizations. Today is not recommended because their effectiveness is relative and it would not be protected against sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS.

Premature ejaculation. Also used to treat premature ejaculation. Since the expulsion of semen sensors are at the top of the penis, the brain does not detect it (although there have been orgasm) and do not turn off the sexual energy that makes us lose the erection and arousal after ejaculation. This allows the early ejaculatory continue having sex even ejaculated.

Injaculation, is it safe?

There is considerable disagreement in the medical environment on the safety of this practice, as there are some experts who claim that can cause kidney infections or stress in seminal ducts and the flow is cut off abruptly. There has been no study either positive or negative that has been determined to take a stand on this issue. We leave at their discretion. In any case, if you experience adverse effects practicing injaculation, stop practicing, you may simply not be for you.

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