Tantric Sex: Sensations of Physical, Emotional and Spiritual

Tantric Sex

The principles of Tantric sex may feel foreign to couples who’ve gotten caught up in the stresses of frantic pace of everyday life, but they’re novel feelings in a good way. Tantric sexuality is all about getting caught up in the moment, enjoying the sensations and intimacy you share, and prolonging these sensations to create the most fulfilling sex you can experience. If you’re adventurous and willing to devote the time to Tantric sex, you’ll find a greater level of joy and intimacy from your sexual life. 

Tantric sex is about the whole of the experience; it’s not a rush to orgasm. Tantric sex involves experiencing all the sensations—physical, emotional, and spiritual—that are part and parcel of our sensual experience. You’ll engage in heightened levels of intimacy with your partner through breathing exercises, syncing up with each other physically and emotionally, and through slow, drawn out periods of sensual activity. Tantric massage and other extended foreplay activities are all part of fully engaging in Tantric sensuality. You’ll learn how to delay orgasm in order to experience the heady sensual rush of your sexuality—for men, the exercises involved in achieving this will help to maintain an erection for protracted periods of time.

What is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex also involves creating an ambience that’s conducive to mellow, uninterrupted sexual exploration. Candles and music help set the mood in a clean, comfortable space that helps you both enjoy every moment of your Tantric adventure. Ensure that you both will enjoy perfect privacy during this time—mute the cell phones, make sure the kids will be otherwise preoccupied, and commit to giving yourselves this time at least once a week.

Tantric sex is a great addition to your sensual activities that will help you both unwind and release stress in the most wholesome, renewing way possible. You won’t be Tantric masters overnight, but that’s not important. What’s important is that you find a renewed enjoyment and passion in your sexuality, one that will carry over into all facets of your relationship.

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