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Sexual Techniques against Premature Ejaculation

Some of a group of methods that have been success has to do with how to perform sex. You know that women sexual organs are not equally sensitive at all points. The vagina tends to be more responsive to stimuli in the outer third. This means that women are better prepared to experience pleasure at […]

Easy Way to Stimulate Your Partner

Some easy ideas to stimulate your partner and get your desire response from her! As we know, sex is a game and this game played by mainly two players – you and your partner. In any game, it is very necessary to make the game enjoyable and get real taste both opponent are equal and both have same […]

Top Ten Orgasm Tips

Clitoral, vaginal, full body or multiple! Here’s our top ten orgasm tips to make your mind tick and your body tingle. Whatever your sexual experience, one of the best orgasm tips for any woman is to take responsibility for her own climax. Don’t leave it solely up to the guy. He only knows too well […]

Spice Up Your Sex Life with Naughty New Year’s Resolution

With the holiday merriment behind us, many of us set our sites on the new year, and of course the consideration of new year’s resolutions; lose weight, quit smoking, drink less – most likely the same resolutions you set the year before, and the year before that. All with good intentions, until of course, life […]

Fellatio Tips and Techniques for Everyone

Answering the question, “What is fellatio?” is pretty simple. We all know what a blowjob is and most of us with the requisite equipment have experienced it. How to perform fellatio is another thing entirely. It’s easy enough to answer “What is fellatio?” by performing a quickie act of oral sex without nuance or build-up, […]

Anal Sex: Your Guide to Backdoor Pleasures

When done right, anal sex can be quite a pleasurable experience. Try a few of these techniques to get ready for all the pleasures of anal play for both you and your partner:

Cunnilingus Tips: Techniques to Delight Newcomers & Veterans

Cunnilingus provides a woman with sensual delights that transcend erotic sensation provided via vaginal penetration. With these cunnilingus tips you will learn how to perform cunnilingus, you learn how to pleasure her most sensitive erogenous zone, her clitoris, directly, and in learning effective cunnilingus techniques, you’re demonstrating to her that you love every inch of her body […]