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Oral Sex Positions for Your Sensual Enjoyment

Oral sex is a rush as it is—there’s something purely exhilarating about sharing intimacy on this level. With the best oral sex positions, the sensual rush is intensified, and if you opt for a position like the 69 sex position, you’re both in one of the best oral sex positions to share simultaneous oral pleasure […]

Girl on Top Sex Positions

Girl on top sex positions allow you to have the very best control to hit that magic lady spot! Try our very best women on top sex positions. Women on top sex positions usually always start with the cowgirl family, and they definitely make for some truly amazing sex positions for women. But once you […]

Anal Sex Positions – The Best for Veterans and Newcomers Alike

There are far more anal sex positions under the sun than the doggy style position that we’re all familiar with. The best positions for anal sex depend on how experienced the participants are in anal sex and some require a degree of stamina and dexterity. Nonetheless, there are positions for anal sex that will thrill […]

Sex Positions for Small Penis

There are sex positions for small penis that ensure a very deep penetration of your partner if you feel your member size is a little below the average penis size. Sex positions for small penis are described even in the Kamasutra! Although most women find big penises visually stimulating, penis size isn’t the only factor which […]

Sex Positions for Female Orgasm

Sex positions can help women to achieve orgasm. For women, the thing with the orgasm not always so easy. According to a study revealed by the Durex, more than 80 percent of men achieve orgasm regularly, but for women it is as little as 33 percent. Luckily, there are ways and means to do something about […]