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How to Have Oral Sex in a Car?

Oral sex is great. Cars are great. They’re two great tastes that taste great together, whether you’re inclined to spit or swallow. We’ve got positions for oral sex in a car to get it on in the front seat, back seat, and with the top down, so you can enjoy everything that both your car […]

Oral Sex Positions for Your Sensual Enjoyment

Oral sex is a rush as it is—there’s something purely exhilarating about sharing intimacy on this level. With the best oral sex positions, the sensual rush is intensified, and if you opt for a position like the 69 sex position, you’re both in one of the best oral sex positions to share simultaneous oral pleasure […]

Can I Get Transmitted Diseases from Oral Sex?

So what is safe oral sex exactly? Isn’t oral sex supposed to be completely safe in the first place? How can I get transmitted diseases from oral sex? Unprotected oral sex is safer than unprotected vaginal and anal sex, but it comes with its own set of risks to sexual health. Oral sex offers plenty of […]

Oral Sex Tips for Men and Women

Oral sex can be most simply described as any practice that delivers sexual gratification through skillful use of the lips, tongue and for all you really frisky people, teeth. Oral sex can be the warm up to intercourse and it can be great sex all on its own. Like all sexual activity, oral sex comes […]

Fellatio Tips and Techniques for Everyone

Answering the question, “What is fellatio?” is pretty simple. We all know what a blowjob is and most of us with the requisite equipment have experienced it. How to perform fellatio is another thing entirely. It’s easy enough to answer “What is fellatio?” by performing a quickie act of oral sex without nuance or build-up, […]

Cunnilingus Tips: Techniques to Delight Newcomers & Veterans

Cunnilingus provides a woman with sensual delights that transcend erotic sensation provided via vaginal penetration. With these cunnilingus tips you will learn how to perform cunnilingus, you learn how to pleasure her most sensitive erogenous zone, her clitoris, directly, and in learning effective cunnilingus techniques, you’re demonstrating to her that you love every inch of her body […]