How Sex Toys Enhance Relationships

sex toys enhance relationships

Sex toys can treat you and your partner to the sensual experiences that you’d probably have no avenue to pursue, allowing you to explore fantasies and sensations that can lift your relationship to new levels of intimacy, confidence and trust. How can sex toys enhance relationships? While sex toys are a phenomenally diverse group of products, almost all of them can be enjoyed by couples even if their design suggests otherwise. 

Take vibrators as an example. While vibrator play might seem to be the exclusive province of women enjoying them alone, with a little creativity, both you and your partner can take vibrator play, as well as your relationship, to new levels. Let your partner hold the vibrator and choose where they’ll use it upon you.

Sex Toys Enhance Relationships

You might discover new sensations that excite and delight you as they run the vibrator over your shoulders and nipples. If you’ve got a remote-controlled vibrator, that’s even better. Set the vibrator in place and give them control over the remote. Exercises like these will give you both much greater insights into what turns you on, just one way in which sex toys enhance relationships and can strengthen a relationship.

Just in case you’ve come to the conclusion that vibrators are for ladies only, try the above experiments with the roles reversed. Guys, let your sweetheart use her vibrator on you for a night. You’d be surprised at the sensual responses she can elicit by stroking your nipples with the vibrator or by running it along your testicles and shaft. It’s a wonderful sharing experience that’s also a tremendous sexual rush.

Vibrator play is only the beginning of the sensual frontiers you can explore with sexual accessories. Whether it’s discovering a shared anal sensuality or coming to a greater appreciation of what an orgasm means to each of you with masturbation sleeves or clitoral stimulator, sex toys give you an opportunity to grow together sexually. This type of discovery will bring you closer together and strengthen your relationship in ways that will astonish you, that’s how sex toys enhance relationships.

So enjoy all the romantic experiences that sex toys can provide.

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