Sex Foods: Bring New Energy to Your Sex-life

Sex Foods
You could – but you don’t want to, because somehow you lack of sexual desire. This may be because you do not eat a balanced diet enough! Sex foods bring your desire back into the swing!

Of natural aphrodisiacs, that means to increase libido, are you tired to hear and read again and again: chili, cardamom or oysters to enhance sexual pleasure? This sex food is much easier and tastier (especially for those who like to dispense with slippery oysters). 

You may instead like to eat strawberries? And delicious vanilla ice cream? No problem, because both not only tastes delicious, it also stimulates the sexual mood – and what could be nicer than strawberries and ice into lovemaking involve?

These sex foods bring new energy into your sex life:

1. Blueberry

Blueberry - Sex Foods
These sweet berries are not only true vitamin bombs, these sex foods also promote blood circulation – including those of the penis’. This makes for better stamina and prolonged pleasure.

2. Ice Cream

Ice Cream - Sex Foods

Especially the vanilla, contains much phosphorus and calcium, to support the work of the muscles. Calcium also stimulates the production of sperm.

3. Strawberry

Strawberry - Sex Foods
They contain a lot of vitamin C and zinc, increase the production of the sex hormone testosterone. The more testosterone, the greater the desire for sex.

4. Fish

Fish - Sex Foods
Just like egg, fish contain much vitamin D, which can form only by sunlight. Too little of it makes slack and thus low libido.

5. Liver

Liver - Sex Foods
Does not tasty, but contains a lot of vitamin A, which stimulates the production of sperm. Also in the liver is a lot of zinc, which increases the speed of sperm.

6. Almonds

Almonds - Sex Foods
They lower cholesterol and protect the heart. Almonds will also strengthen the immune system generally, also support the virility.

7. Oils

Oils - Sex Foods
Fat also stimulates the formation of testosterone. Thus, it proposes not only to the hips, but the body also provides valuable, access to good oils, avocados, nuts and olives.

8. Peach

Peach - Sex Foods
Peaches are real vitamin C bombs, which in turn increases the production of sperm. They also strengthen the entire immune system, and who feels fit, has more content!

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