Oral Sex Tips for Men and Women

Oral Sex Tips

Oral sex can be most simply described as any practice that delivers sexual gratification through skillful use of the lips, tongue and for all you really frisky people, teeth. Oral sex can be the warm up to intercourse and it can be great sex all on its own. Like all sexual activity, oral sex comes with its own inherent risks, so be sure you’re observing good sexual health practices at all times. Here are the simple and basic oral sex tips for men and women. 

Oral Sex Tips for Men

There’s a lot more to oral sex than simply reducing it to blow jobs and eating her out. That said, there’s always more to learn about taking oral pleasures into the realm of truly great sex. Guys, if she enjoys direct stimulation to her clitoris, try sucking on it. Take it all the way into your mouth and if you’ve got the oral dexterity, flick your tongue over her clitoris while it’s between your lips. Try spelling your name on her clitoris with the tip of your tongue. That kind of exercise will open up new avenues of pleasing her.

Oral Sex Tips for Women

Ladies, you don’t have to deep throat your man to give him a satisfying blow job. Even if you just get the head in, as long as you’re into it and he can see that you’re into it, it’s perfectly marvelous. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Use your fingertips on his balls and perineum. Be inventive with your tongue. He’ll be eager to show you how appreciative he is.

Finally, remember to look out for your sexual health during oral sex. There’s always the risk of transmitting herpes and other STDs. Use flavored dental dams if you’re not in a monogamous relationship and never give or receive oral sex if either you or your partner have sores or broken skin on your mouth or genitals.

Oral sex can be some of the greatest sex you’ve ever had with just a little thought and practice. Don’t sweat the technique – have fun developing it. As long as you and your partner are having a good time, then you’re both in tune with what oral sex is all about.

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