Oral Sex Positions for Your Sensual Enjoyment

Oral Sex Positions

Oral sex is a rush as it is—there’s something purely exhilarating about sharing intimacy on this level. With the best oral sex positions, the sensual rush is intensified, and if you opt for a position like the 69 sex position, you’re both in one of the best oral sex positions to share simultaneous oral pleasure with each other. 

Positions for oral sex are varied, and some, including indulging in 69 sex, require a certain degree of skill on the part of the partners involved, but you’ll find that when exploring oral sex positions, including the 69 position, that practice not only makes perfect, it’s an absolute pleasure. The more basic oral sex positions don’t require any particular dexterity and they’re intensely pleasurable.

Best Oral Sex Positions

The key to the best oral sex positions is comfort. You don’t want the moment to be derailed because the positions for oral sex that you’ve chose have left you with a stiff neck. That’s one reason why approaching your receiving partner on your knees is one of the most popular oral sex positions. It gives you flexibility and mobility, and it avoids strain on your neck and back. Just make sure you’ve got a pillow or padding under your knees and you’re set to enjoy one of the best oral sex positions you’ll find.

Face sitting is one of the better positions for oral sex when cunnilingus is involved, as it gives the woman a greater degree of control over the intensity of clitoral stimulation. Finally, lying down while your lover’s hips are propped up on a pillow is just fine as oral sex positions goes. Just make sure that with any of the positions for oral sex, you and your partner are both comfortable enough to enjoy protracted oral sex without any feelings of physical strain.

The 69 sex position introduces concurrent oral pleasure into your repertoire of positions for oral sex, though the 69 sex position can take a little practice. It’s easy to get distracted by your own pleasure while in the 69 position and become sidetracked from pleasuring your partner. Not to worry – you’ll get the hang of staying in sync in the 69 sex position in no time, and practicing is loads of fun.

To engage in 69 sex, lie down so that you and your partner have your mouths in proximity to each others’ genitals. Then use the techniques you’ve learned while engaging in other oral sex positions to stimulate each other while in the 69 position. Once you’ve gotten started, you’ll quickly understand why 69 sex is so popular and the 69 position is one of the best oral sex positions ever conceived.

Oral sex positions, particularly the 69 position, are fun to learn and even more fun to engage in. When you learn the best oral sex positions, like the 69 sex position, and learn how to perform well in them, you’ll enhance you sensual oral experiences tremendously.

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