How to Tantric Massage; Tips to Enhance Sexuality

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage for men and women bring about a state of relaxation and arousal. While Tantric massage focuses on the genitalia, the art of Tantric massage dovetails with Tantric sexuality in that the activity is about intimacy and romance first and foremost. Romantic candles and honey dust enhance the mood and relaxation in conjunction with massage oil and sex lotion. You’ll find that by both giving and receiving Tantric massage, that your sex experience will be enhanced and the soothing, relaxing effects of this experience in Tantric massage will carry over into your everyday life.

Lingam: Male Tantric Massage

Lingam massage is the art of male Tantric massage and prior to engaging in this exploration of Tantric massage, you should choose a quiet, serene location, enhancing the mood with aromatic romantic candles. The person giving the massage should apply massage oil or sex lotion to the recipient’s penis before engaging in male Tantric massage.

The Lingam massage starts at the head of the penis – the person engaging in this massage should gently squeeze the head, backing off if it seems as though the recipient is close to ejaculating. Tantric massage often culminates in orgasm, but you want to take your time getting there. The penis may vacillate between rigidity and flaccidity—that’s perfectly normal for Tantric massage. The important thing is to enjoy the mood created by the romantic candles and massage oil and luxuriate in this massage.

Yoni: Tantric Massage for Women

The Yoni massage is Tantric massage for women and as with Lingam massage, you’ll want to perform this act of massage in a peaceful setting, with romantic candles and sex lotion as an enhancement. The person giving this Tantric massage gently rubs the vagina, inside and out, with their right finger. The masseuse will later move their attention to the clitoris and engage in gentle rubbing to enhance the heightened state of Tantric sexuality.

The object of this exercise in Tantric massage isn’t simple masturbation – the gentle motion will enhance a feeling of serenity common in Tantric sexuality, though orgasm is often the culmination of this massage. Sex oil should be applied to both the vagina and clitoris before engaging in this act of Tantric sexuality; again, take your time. The object of engaging in this massage is to enjoy your intimacy to its fullest.

Tantric massage, in conjunction with the massage oil, sex lotion, and romantic candles used to heighten the amorous ambience, is all about exploring and expanding the intimacy and love that Tantric sexuality epitomizes. Bring up Tantric massage with your lover, and set aside some private, quality time to explore the benefits of Tantric sex and massage. The benefits from exploring  Tantric massage will enhance your life both in the bedroom and in your everyday life.

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