How to Properly Care for Your Dildo/Vibrator

clean-up-dildoIt’s important when using an adult sex toy that you keep it looked after, this will keep it useable for a lot longer.

You first need to make sure that the toy you are purchasing is off the very best quality, do not go for the cheap option as you don’t know what it is made from.

Before you consider using the toy check that there are no breaks, cracks or any damaging marks. If it does then this could cause injury to yourself as well as damage the toy when you look to clean it. 

If the sex toy uses batteries, check that it is fully covered and protected as getting water into here could damage the toy. It is always recommended to check batteries on a regular basis and changed them if un-used for some time due to the batteries potentially leaking.

If you have not used the toy yet, make sure you have completely checked over it, it should never be used if there are imperfections. If the toy has been purchased from a reputable company then you shouldn’t have any concerns.

The next thing you may want to consider using is lube; many people feel it is not needed as their body has provided enough. This might certainly be true but lube can offer more protection as it doesn’t cause friction on your mucus membranes, which could cause tears from fingers, penises and toys etc.

When selecting a lube you need to pick the right one as some of them can actually end up damaging your sex toy. There are 3 types of lubes, water based, silicone based and oil based. Water based is the most common as it is very easy to wash off and is friendly to most sex toys.

If you intend to use your sex toy in the shower or bath then you may want to look at using a silicone lube, although this is much harder to clean. Oil based lubes should only ever be used on metal sex toys as they can “eat” through your non-metallic toys.

Typically most sex toys can be cleaned with warm soapy water; the easiest toys to clean are silicone. If you use a jelly based sex toy you might want to look at getting some form of sex toy cleaner, as simply washing it cannot completely disinfect it.

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