How to Control Ejaculation: Sexual Techniques Against Premature Ejaculation

how to control ejaculation
If you suffer from premature ejaculation then you should try this “how to control ejaculation” tips. How to control ejaculation is all about sexual techniques. Some of a group of methods that have been success has to do with how to perform sex.

You know that women sexual organs are not equally sensitive at all points. The vagina tends to be more responsive to stimuli in the outer third. This means that women are better prepared to experience pleasure at the entrance to the vagina than its depth. 

That is a fact that you can use to your advantage to combat premature ejaculation. It is essential that you have to make reduce stimulation of the penis while holding constant the friction on that side of the genitalia of her. That way your partner will continue to experience the same pleasurable feelings while you diminish your own stimulation. Wait until no sensation of imminent ejaculation. He will go on normally.

How this is done in practice is as follows: the vagina to be stimulated by introducing and removing the penis from the surface to depth. This continues to a stop before it reaches the moment when the ejaculation becomes inevitable.

At that time can be used to stimulate other parts of her body and kiss her. But a better way does not require stopping. What you have to do is remove the penis from the vagina almost completely and make slight movements somewhat more slowly but at the entrance of the vagina. This procedure will help to delay the arrival of a little premature.

The Sexual Position that Suits You Best – How to Control Ejaculation

How to control ejaculation is all about penetration. But talking about sex or penetrative sex should mention one more detail. Not all sexual positions are suitable to control the ejaculatory reflex.

I agree especially those in which you guide the scope and intensity of movements. The more physical effort you have to do worse for you. You should look comfortable positions low physical demands. They must be calm and in control of the situation. I advise the position that your sexual partner is placed on you as you stay in bed. For the way you’re the one who directs the action. You’ll see how you help.

A Closely Guarded Secret – How to Control Ejaculation

An important resource for prior art is that it works much better hold your breath at the time. Yes, first fill your lungs with air and then hold fast. Along with this you get heavily pubic-coccygeal muscles. What are these? That contract when you want to suppress the desire to urinate.

So the full technical works by decreasing your stimulation and keep your partner, hold your breath and enter the aforementioned strong muscle group. You combine all these aspects until no desire to ejaculate completely.

This “how to control ejaculation’ method gives incredible results. In practice it over and over during sex you might have full control over your ejaculation. You can decide when to do it. The most amazing thing is that you reach orgasm several times and continue relentlessly. It will be special, put it into practice.

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