Having Sex Three Times a Week Would Extend The Average Life

Having Sex Three Times a Week

That is one of the conclusions arrived anti-aging medicine specialists. Improve breathing capacity, benefit the cardiovascular system, counteract depression and pain relief, some of its benefits. “Having sex at least three times a week could extend the average life expectancy of ten years,” said Dr. Adrian Jaime from one of the key findings of the just completed graduate at Harvard University on Lifestyle Medicine. 

The specialist said that there are couples who are scared because after the first years of marriage sexual frequency decreases, but after the developers scientific studies, “the real reason for the concern should lie in the loss of health benefits due to the lack of sex, “he said.

There are a number of benefits arising from a good sex life such as having sex three times a week. According to director Dr. Adrian Jaime Medical Center, in addition to the natural pleasure and erotic connotations, sexual arousal and orgasm can: improve breathing capacity, benefit the cardiovascular system, counteract depression and anxiety, help relieve pain, provide flexibility, strength and muscle tone, reduce the symptoms associated with menstruation, arthritis and osteoporosis, and, last but not least, achieve significant psychological benefits.

“The process is achieved because the sexual act are released a series of biochemical substances that favor the prospect of a longer, healthier lives,” said the specialist, who remarked that “everything is born from sexual desire.”

Jaime explained that “as it increases the excitement, the body secretes endorphin, chemicals associated with feelings of pleasure that reached a peak during orgasm.”

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Having Sex Three Times a Week

So during this phase, “the woman releases oxytocin, a substance responsible for uterine contractions. A cardiovascular level was an increase of the heart rate and increased blood flow, mainly to the genital area that tends to fill with blood and dilate for intercourse. ”

Release was also found in both men and women, serotonin, dopamine and seven other neurotransmitters “capable of renewed hormonal cascade that causes the body a series of cellular reactions that would repair the body back to a axis of “revitalization.”

What does science?

Sex three times a week
Sex three times a week will improves the immune system, prevents disease development and has an analgesic effect that helps the individual to better withstand the pain.

Just ten years ago nobody knew for sure whether the statements were correct as to the benefits of sex. This was the big question of a group of doctors, led by Dr. George Davey-Smith and colleagues at the University of Bristol.

Until then the relationship between sex and mortality was studied very little. However, some early investigations had suggested that perhaps there was a connection between orgasms and longevity.

Driven to discover the scientific basis for such claims confirmed the team set to work.

The study included 918 British men between 45 and 59 years of age, all were given a history, a medical checkup and asked about the frequency of sexual activity.

After ten years of monitoring the sex life and the health status of each of the participants, it was concluded that the higher the “orgasmic frequency” more likely they were to be healthy and that the probability of dying was 50% lower among men who have sex only twice a week, compared to those who did once a month, more prone to diseases. So, having sex three times a week is definitely better.

Why sex younger

Moreover, the research team led by Professor Manuel Castillo, a professor at the University of Granada, said the sexual exercise “is the kind of physiological activity that most positively affect mood and well-being of the person.”

Therefore, “those whose sexual activity have a higher life expectancy.” According to their research, sex improves the immune system, prevents disease development and has an analgesic effect that helps the individual to better withstand the pain.

There are other studies that support these claims. For example, the psychologist David Weeks, a researcher at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, which concluded that sexual activity is an anti-aging therapy.

Weeks reached those conclusions after interviewing 3,500 people who looked younger than they were in fact determined that the professional make love at least three times a week longer life expectancy an average of ten years.”

“I belong to a research team that started in June this year working at the Massachusetts General Hospital anti-aging Sexuality and Medicine for the University of Harvard in three years we hope to have new and more conclusions about it,” Dr. Jaime closed.

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