Foods for Male Sexual Health

Foods for Male Sexual Health

Foods play an enormous role in our sexual health. So the next time you think about having a steak and potato dinner, consider your sexual expectations for afterwards. These sex foods or aphrodisiacs improve your sex life. Feast on these sex foods to feel friskier.

Certain foods increase the desire to have sex, while others may lead to you having better sex, or perhaps more sex more often. Certain specific foods may act as sexually stimulating by they way that the smell. Others may improve the way that you smell sexually through your pheromones. Soft, pleasant, sweet smells are most commonly sexual, but sometimes even unusually smelling food can have positive sexual side affects.

Generally speaking, most food good for sex is vegetarian, so if you are focusing on sex-specific foods then you wont be eating much non-lean meat and particular less red meat. The saturated animal fats can clog the veins and arteries from you heart to your sexual organs, and this would decrease performance. But don’t think that elimination fats from your diet is healthy either, because there are some good fats that are actually required to stimulate blood flow with fresh oxygen and energy to your sex organs.

Other foods provide your sexual organs with the vitality and healthiness that it needs to perform its best, such as more blood flow to the genitals which means stronger and harder erections that last longer.

Both sexes can enjoy benefits from ‘sex food.’ There are many ‘penis foods’ out there which are particularly good at helping at improving everything penis related, so you may wish to take advantage of these more often.

The following is a general list of the foods that are particularly beneficial to a man’s sex life in some form or another:

  • Vegetables: celery, carrots, chili peppers & jalepenos, radishes & turnips, beans, leeks, spinach, fennel, chickpeas, peas, cucumbers
  • Fruits: bananas, figs, strawberries, raspberries – any berry, avocados, pineapple, apples, grapes, cherries, oranges, pears
  • Spices and seasoning: onions, garlic, ginger, “hot” herbs & spices, olive oil, ginseng, mustard, nutmeg, vanilla, thyme
  • Other (all in moderation): Chocolate, Wine & Alcohol, Coffee, Liquorice Protein: Nuts, Seeds, Oysters, Salmon & Tuna, Fish & Seafood, Chicken & Turkey Breads / Carbs: Oats, Whole Grains, Oatmeal

Consume the following foods only in moderation for your sexual health:

  • Sugar – like soft drinks or sugary snacks. Liquorice.
  • Stimulants – chocolate, tea, coffee, cigarettes, energy drinks
  • Fried food and animal fat – bad for your heart, makes you gain weight easily, and too much over time can slow blood flow to the genitals
  • Processed foods – anything non-natural is loaded with unhealthy cheap stuff to make the food consumable longer and is generally less healthy, both sexually and for your entire body, than unprocessed foods. This includes things like white breads, cereals, processed meats (hot dogs), etc.


Alcohol can be good or bad for you sexually in small to moderate doses. If you drink large doses of alcohol then there is no doubt your sexual performance and abilities will be impaired.

On the other hand, it could help find a more easily obtained, risky sex partner. If you drink your ambition lowers and you may experience ‘beer goggles” which makes women you normally wouldn’t have sex with ‘shaggababe.’ You drunken search of an immediate sex partner has a good chance of resulting in risky sex.

But if you have a single, consistent sexual partner, it’s probably better to use alcohol romantically. Women love the extra flair and feelings euphoria that some wine or Champaign provide. With wine, there is no carbonation to worry about, so they feel physically sexier after drinking it.

Beware the sexual dangers of beer however if you are with your lover. It leaves a bad aftertaste on your mouth which makes your scent less pleasant. Also, it is loaded with carbonation and which will slow you down sexually. Not to mention is has a tendency to make you urinate more often because it has a smaller alcohol percentage than wine so you have to drink more of it.

The bottom line is that alcohol can be a great way to improve sexuality if it is properly used.

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