Fellatio Tips and Techniques for Everyone

Fellatio Tips
Answering the question, “What is fellatio?” is pretty simple. We all know what a blowjob is and most of us with the requisite equipment have experienced it. How to perform fellatio is another thing entirely. It’s easy enough to answer “What is fellatio?” by performing a quickie act of oral sex without nuance or build-up, but that’s fellatio that’s not going to be as satisfying as fellatio that’s performed utilization the following fellatio tips and techniques that follow. 

There’s a whole world of sensual pleasure to explore, and by using fellatio techniques and employing masturbators while you engage in fellatio, both partners can derive increased enjoyment and satisfaction from fellatio.

When learning how to perform fellatio, bear in mind that good fellatio is more than just taking the penis into your mouth and going to work. You want to warm up your partner. You may opt to use masturbators during this period, or you may want to go straight to work with these fellatio tips and fellatio techniques.

Fellatio Tips and Techniques

The head of the penis is the most sensitive part of the organ – it’s the recipient of the most intense stimulation. Begin your exploration into how to perform fellation by gently licking the head, the shaft, and the testicles. Alternate with kissing and other tactile sensations.

These fellatio tips help to increase the sensitivity of the head while bringing the man to a complete state of arousal. Having your partner properly warmed up via use of masturbators or a slow oral build will make the experience more pleasurable for both of you.

When you’re ready to take your partner’s penis all the way into your mouth, keep these fellatio tips in mind. Make sure that you’re in a comfortable position while you’re performing fellatio. The answer to “What is fellatio?” isn’t “god-awful neck pain.” Unlike masturbators and sleeves, your neck and jaw can stiffen and tire. Be sure that you’re in a cozy position to perform fellation.

Good fellatio techniques also involve use of the hands while you’re fellating your partner. While you’re sucking his cock, stroke his testicles, or if he’s comfortable with it, engage in anal play with a finger. These fellatio techniques can be particularly effective—a concurrent ejaculatory/p-spot orgasm is a mind-blowing experience and your partner will positively melt from your attentions.

Most of all, remember to have a positive attitude towards fellatio. If it’s a chore or disgusting to you, you’d be better off not doing it or just engaging in foreplay with masturbators. The physical turn-on from fellatio will be negated by the downbeat mood created during fellatio, and no fellatio tips will help you get past that.

That said, fellatio can be pleasurable for both partners, as long as communication is open and each partner’s concerns and considerations are respected. Then, by using effective fellatio techniques and fellatio tips, your answer to “What is fellatio?” is bound to be “orgasmic bliss.”

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