Exercise to Increase Libido: for Men and Women

Exercise to Increase Libido

Both men and women can benefit from exercise to increase libido. It for one helps encourage a long-lasting, healthy relationship between a man and a woman. 

Importance and Role of Libido

Simply but, libido is the aroused feeling you get when causes you to want to have sex. If no one had this desire the world would not be re-populated, and the human race would die out very quickly. (At least it sounds good, and a good excuse to have sex more often!)

The Role of Exercise

Numerous studies have been conducted on the role of exercise in the increase of the sex drive. Regular exercise is definitely correlated to increased sexual potency. This is true for both men and women.

Activities or Exercise to Increase Libido

Among the different activities that help promote healthy and enhance sexual awareness include the following:

Yoga – This helps stretch not only the body, but the mind and the spirit. It can heighten your senses and help improve orgasms. Furthermore, you become more flexible which can definitely come in handy in the bedroom!

Aerobics – This gets the blood pumping and the juices flowing. At least a 20-minute routine three to five times a week is recommended. This is a great way to increase your energy level if you feel tired all the time and are often “not in the mood.”

Weights (or resistance) – Weight lifting and resistance exercises are designed to help improve your strength. This is essential, and one component of prolonging your endurance and stamina. Lifting light weights for about 10 repetitions at a time can help improve upper and lower body muscle tone. It can also help prevent cramping (along with stretching).

Stretching – Yoga is a form of stretch. However, you also might just incorporate a variety of simple warm-up and cool-down stretches into your routine. This will (along with perhaps yoga and weights) prevent cramping and injury during sex.

Health, Nutrition and Sex

It is no surprise lately that along with exercise, good health enhances sexual performance and increases libido. Therefore, always eat nutritious meals. In particular, avoid trans fats and saturated fats when possible.

This is what blocks blood flow and thus has a detrimental affect on both male and female sex drives. Therefore, if you eat too many foods that clog your arteries you could not only be damaging your overall health and well-being but your ability to enjoy and engage in sexual activity.

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