Erection Enhancing Pills: Be Aware of Side Effects

Viagra Erection Enhancing Pills

Erection enhancing pills like Viagra and Cialis were never meant for recreational use. Side effects of erection enhancing pills are something to be aware of; they range from minor to severe.

Many a-natural phenomenon are currently riding the pillion seat due to today’s stress-filled lifestyle, which range from mild sleeplessness to overt depression and everything in between and beyond. That brings into account erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems for which, erection boosting pills stay an easy remedy. 

But the real problem starts when they are popped for nothing but just to enhance the ego. Most of the victims – that way – are the young adults, who want to bend backwards for going on till their faces turn blue; erection enhancing pills prove an easy way out here as well. With an approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration, there’s no looking behind.

Erection enhancing pills like Viagra : Where they fall short

Safe alternative to ViagraLet’s get one thing clear: Simple logic states that people popping down such pills are either:

  • Unable to attain an erection normally.
  • Unable to sustain an erection for required span and/or intensity.
  • Are extra-zealous to become the proverbial stud.
  • Are under a misconception that such pills are androgen or libido boosters.

The first three cases may have either a physiological (e.g. low testosterone, inadequate sleep et al) or a psychological (e.g. anxiety disorder, depression etc.) root or both, whereas the last one results out of misconception. And the erection enhancing pills, sadly, just camouflage the root causes temporarily only to worsen the effects later on. This is a reason enough to shun them away and look for remedies that get rid of the underlying causal factors and prevent them from showing up once again.

The ills erection enhancing pills bring:

Now, there will still be some who are hell bent on keeping using the pills without opting for any kind of holistic, curative measure; for them, the info presented below may come useful.

  • For those with the misconception or trying to attain an eternal (figuratively) erection must know that such pills have no effect on normal men since they are not into the class of aphrodisiacs and neither shall they increase sexual desire.
  • Side effects of erection enhancing pills are something to be aware of; they range from minor to severe. These pills primarily cause vasodilatation (i.e. cause the blood vessels to relax), which brings upon lowered blood pressure (hypotension), priapism (condition in which the penis is continually erect; usually painful and seldom with sexual arousal), myocardial infarction (Destruction of heart tissue resulting from obstruction of the blood supply to the heart muscle), ventricular arrhythmias (abnormal rate of contractions and expansion of the ventricles in the heart) and stroke.
  • Ocular and auditory complications are common with such pills and range from cyanopsia (the only color you see is blue) and blurry visions to greater complications like permanent loss of peripheral vision, which is vision obtained using only the periphery of the retina.
  • Loss of hearing is associated with the PDE5 inhibitors (blocks the degenerative action of phosphodiesterase type causing loss of erection), a fact brought out into open by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on October 18, 2007.


The erection enhancing pills are prescription medications, like Viagra, Cialis etc and were never meant for recreational use. Even if you need them for medical reasons, its dosage must be fixed by a qualified medical professional. After all, a couple of hours of ecstasy is not worth a couple of troubles that might impair you one way or the other for an entire lifetime.

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