Easy Way to Stimulate Your Partner

Stimulate Your Partner

Some easy ideas to stimulate your partner and get your desire response from her!

As we know, sex is a game and this game played by mainly two players – you and your partner. In any game, it is very necessary to make the game enjoyable and get real taste both opponent are equal and both have same intention about the game. In our conjugal life, we see, in many cases, boys become more aggressive then their partners but in this game if your partner get less interest than you, perhaps the game is not enjoyable for both of you. 

Maybe, there are many reasons that she gets less interest but you should try to stimulate your partner to take part the game violently. But how can? I know, you may read some articles about sex and those entire articles suggested you discover your partner G-spot, and stimulate her by fingering, messaging, sucking and kissing in the G-spot.

Yes, G-spot is a vital portion to stimulate a woman but all time you stimulate your partner by this way, it will make monotonous. On the other hand, there are some other areas in a woman body which can stimulate a woman and when you play with those portion and then play with G-spot, your partner become more excited and you are able to arouse her feelings.

Come to see, how you can stimulate your partner besides G-spot.

I have told you, at first, sex is a game, and you should stimulate your partner for this game since morning when you go out for office. But how can?

You may kiss her deeply on her lips as a primary notice that you want more tonight.

When you return home from office give her a special hug with stress very closely so that she realizes that you want her much closely in a very short time.

When you want to bed, play some romantic song or watch any romantic movie and you may use sexy perfume.

When she comes in bed you should start dirty talks because before sexual intercourse dirty talks are very effective to stimulate anyone.

You should start the game by kissing on her face, throats, cheek, neck, arms, back and so on.

You should use your mouth and tongue to lick and suck her lips, ears, nose and neck.

With licking and sucking, take off your partner’s dress by your hand because when you take her dress off and unclothe her, she becomes stimulated and gets more pleasure than if she does it herself.

You should squeeze and massage her breast at time of unclothing her and while you involve kiss.

After unclothing pay special attention to her bust and nipple because these are very sensitive and many women can orgasm from boobs stimulation alone. So, lick, suck, squeeze and kiss her as much as possible.

You should play the small of your partner back because it is very sensitive; moreover, it has numerous pressure points where a lot of women carry stress. If you smoothly massage this part it will feel very wonderful to your partner. She will delight and feel so hot and sexy since you gently and softly kiss her throughout the massage of this zone.

You should give some feather touch, strokes and kisses onto her stomach and navel because these are very sensitive.

You should grab her butt cheeks in your strong hands, squeeze them, softly bite them and play with them. As a result, this releases stress and leaves your partner with the thought that you are making your mode to more erogenous portion.

There are, also, some sensitive areas by your gentle play she becomes stimulated such as behind her knees, inner thighs, inside of her arms, hollow of her neck and many more.

One thing always keep in your mind that your vocal expressions is very important in this game so you must give different expression when you play with her different organ. Not only that but also you should continue your dirty talk and share your feelings how you enjoy to play with her sexy organs.

You should ask her whether she feels relaxed with you using your soft tongue in combination with your playable fingers.

A woman body is still now a mystery. From hair to toe, in every organ of a woman get sexy feelings but among of those some get more feelings in their breast while others get feelings in navel region or buttocks. Actually, it differs from woman to woman. So, you should ask your partner where she gets better feelings and what her most sensitive area is.

You must know what she prefers or does not prefer. In fact, without having proper idea of your partner it is too tough to stimulate your partner and get your desire response from her.

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