Stimulation for Your Penis Head: Cobra Libre Head Stimulator

Cobra-Libre-Head-Stimulator-Penis-StimulationLooking for a high quality, safe product that will provide sensitive stimulation for your penis head? The Cobra Libre head stimulator is exactly what you need!

This head stimulator comes with two high powered motors that will help provide unbelievable pleasure. Even though they are powerful motors they are also very quiet, ensuring you can protect your privacy. These motors target the penis most sensitive nerves as they are positioned just below the penis glans. 

The sleeve is made from hypoallergenic and durable silicone to ensure that it feels soft and smooth when rubbing against the penis area.

The two motors within the stimulator can be controlled individually and provides you with 8 different vibration modes. Click here to find out more!

What is it made from?

The main part of the stimulator is plastic, however the sleeve is made from silicone and features nonporous properties. With is hypoallergenic properties, it can be safe for those that have sensitive skin or allergies.
The Cobra Libre head stimulator has its own rechargeable battery so you do not need to use batteries. It takes 12 hours to charge and will run for a solid hour.


  • Extra stimulation on the base of the penis
  • Powered by 2 super strong motors
  • 8 unique vibration modes per motor
  • Measures 2.25 inches wide and 3 inches long
  • Rechargeable – No batteries needed

Product Details

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Colour: Black
Length: 5.5 Inches
Brand: Fun factory
Function: Multiple speeds and multiple vibration modes
Width: 2.25 inches
Batteries: No batteries required, rechargeable

Click here to find out more!

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