Boost Male Sexual Potency

How to Increase Your Sexual Potency to the Maximum? How can men maintain sexual potency at the highest level?

Boost Male Sexual Potency

It is indisputable that our sexuality is an important part of our lives. Keep the butt sexual potency and sexual health in general balanced should be an integral part of our wellness plan as men.

Recent studies show that more than 5% of men between 20 and 30 years and over 15% between 30 and 40 have undergone some sort of episode of erectile dysfunction. The rates are increasing for each age range due to our modern lifestyle, stress, daily pressures, poor nutrition, etc.. 

More and more men of all ages fill the agendas of doctors andrologists with problems ranging from erectile dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, and even the complete lack of libido and sexual desire.

Are these problems of lack of libido physical or psychological?

Young men in most of these problems such as erectile dysfunction or low libido are usually psychological in nature. But when it comes to older men, the problem is usually of organic type. In the group of middle-aged men (ages 35-55) the problems can be of mixed type. Psychological causes of sexual problems most common are:

  • United Depressants
  • Loss of interest in our partner
  • Anxiety about performance or sexual impotence fears
  • Conflicts of couple
  • Internal conflicts or guilt in relation to our sexual preferences
  • Concerns
  • Fatigue

Diet, Fitness and Leisure: Keys to maintaining good sexual health and increase power and desire

Male Sexual HealthWhat things can we do to avoid the problems of sexual dysfunction, impotence, lack of libido or premature ejaculation and increase our sexual power? Although it sounds a cliche, the most important sexual organ is any man is his brain. The surest way to make our power and sex drive are at their peak is by having a mental, physical, and spiritual balance.

Experts say a healthy diet, regular exercise and sleep properly is the key to sexual health (and integral) optimal. A balanced diet provides the body with enough energy to meet demand extra calories during sex. A diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, along with a specific herbal supplement, say the doses of vitamins and minerals for a healthy male hormone production.

A diet low in fat is a particularly important factor in preventing arteriosclerosis, which is a major cause of diseases like diabetes and hypertension, which in turn cause erectile dysfunction and impotence.

A program of regular physical exercise improves cardiovascular health, increases flexibility, endurance, coordination, and self-esteem and reduces stress LEVELS, all factors important for optimum sexual health.

There are also some herbal dietary supplements natural 100% specific for sexual performance improvement to help us improve the quality of our diet (since not all the minerals, vitamins, essential components, and so we need we can easily get food by alone).

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