Aphrodisiacs or Libido Boosters: The Truth You Need to Know

Aphrodisiacs the Libido Boosters

Why speak on aphrodisiacs or libido boosters? Ambition never takes a back seat when it comes to deriving the most of sexual pleasures and the quest of mankind for the thing to prove himself as the absolute stud is eternal. 

Thus, any agent told to be stimulating sexual desire and the power to stay got prominence more than life saving drugs and the trend is an ancient one. Nevertheless, there have been instances when the desires for better sex doomed the life of people; to stop such unwanted occurrences, it is vital that we learn the basics to become able separating apples from oranges.

Libido Boosters: Clarifying a Few Doubts

Epics and myths speak about a lot of them; in fact, whatever that resembled the genitalia earned the name of being a powerful aphrodisiacs or libido booster. The range covers anything from goat testicles boiled in milk to the Roman remedy – the Oysters (which has more of a scientific base), but speaking of most of the aphrodisiacs in folklores are hazardous to the health.

Regarding the modern, artificially formulated ones, just one statement from the FDA will prove their effectiveness; the FDA declared:

“There is no scientific proof that any over-the-counter aphrodisiacs work to treat sexual dysfunction”.

Libido Boosters: The Truth

Aphrodisiacs still make a lot of headlines due to the fact that some people were truly benefited; what people fail to understand that the composition of the aphrodisiac matched the body constituency of those who felt the benefits.

No two individuals are same, so the effects vary from optimal to nil. Yet, most of us prefer staying in the Fool’s Paradise believing that one size shall fit all. Sexual arousal is a complex process that involves both psychological and physiological aspects and what influences them are different for every individual, for at the root of human sexual desire is the core erotic personality (a sexual template), which is completely psychological.

Unless the ingredients of an aphrodisiac can tickle the mind (read: the brain), rolling in the hay will stay a distant chance. The tickling factors vary greatly (age, race, hair color, dressing style et al of the other partner); unless the mind finds those factors sexually appealing, it’s a slim chance you’ll get and sustain a strong erection, much less the stimulation that shall help you indulge into the act.

What Libido Boosters Can’t Do?

The inability to feel the desire depends on a lot of other things apart from matching the individual sexual templates; psychological disorders like anxiety and depression, physiological disorders like stress and weakness and every possible combination of the aforementioned can’t be tackled by using aphrodisiacs; even if it occurs, the results will be temporary and will worsen the underlying causes for a weak libido.

Natural Aphrodisiacs that Heal Holistically

This is not about the aphrodisiacs available in the forms of pills and potion but natural, everyday food stuff that have the power to fill up deficits and recharge the system.

That includes herbs, spices, meat, fruits and vegetables and bulbous plants growing under the ground; these comprise the essential elements, which, besides signaling the brain centers to release chemicals that boost libido, also supply the body with the things much needed for sporting a healthy libido.

Alcohol. It lowers inhibition and releases adrenaline when consumed in little to moderate doses as a stimulant; anything more results in sedation and depression.

Banana. Comprises the enzyme bromelain, potassium and vitamin B, all essential for a healthy production of androgens in the body.

Oyster, organ meat (chicken and cattle), eggs and caviar. All are high in zinc and/or L-Arginine, the essential components for the production of testosterone.

Chilies, garlic and other spices. The physiological effects of spices are enough to make blood flow to the extremities of the body.

Herbs. Ginseng, Withania Somnifera and Tribulus Terrestris are considered the Trinity of libido-boosting herbs; while they require maintaining guidelines, whatever they cure, they cure for a lifetime.


What’s natural is beautiful and aphrodisiacs are no different; it is always better to give the body something it recognizes easily than making it adapt to some alien formulations of questionable reputation.

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